Will home improvement ads increase your remodeling leads?
Friday, January 28th 2022, 2:15 AM

What to say and show in home improvement ads to increase conversions and sales

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With baby boomers now outnumbered by millennials in America, it's no surprise that the marketing landscape for home improvement businesses has changed. Many marketers have had success adapting old approaches such as television commercials and direct mail pieces into contemporary digital marketing campaigns on social media sites like Facebook or YouTube, which are more appealing to the current generation of potential consumers who are accustomed to various forms of stimulus than their parents, usually through paid home improvement ads targeted at specific demographics.

The home improvement advertising approach is changing, and the type of home improvement advertisements that homeowners see may have a significant impact on the amount of leads generated by According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, social media, mobile, and desktop ad campaigns are responsible for over 22% of home improvement leads.

Home renovation lends itself to visual advertisements

If you're spending money on advertising and your website, blog, or social media account doesn't include high-resolution photos, you're probably wasting your ad budget and losing potential customers, many new leads and new business opportunities. In addition to the quality of the visual media being used, photo captions, alt tags and even meta data inside of your video ads can boost the page's ranking on Google and YouTube.

adding photo captions to images

Photos are a crucial component of home renovation marketing since they may show your prior work, designer profiles, and before-and-after comparisons. Plus, home buyers have a visual preference, so home improvement ads with high-quality images will convert better with most home improvement contractors target audience.

Before and after photos will captivate your target audience

Create home improvement ads that highlight home renovation before and after photos, that show wall colors and other things that will catch the eye of a new lead.

before and after kitchen remodeling photo

Should your paid ads use stock or real photos?

Will your target customers react better to high quality stock photos, or more authentic photos of your staff providing home improvement services? The three pillars of digital marketing are the basis for a successful marketing strategy to bring in new consumers. Most people do business with individuals they know, like, and trust. In order to generate leads through digital ads your home improvement business needs to convey that feeling that a new clients likes and trusts you from your videos and images. With this in mind, it is always better to show real people providing services that correspond to what your new customers are seeking.

Advertise to your service area for more leads

Another home improvement ad strategy for home buyers is showing home renovations in the same area as your company. By advertising on sites like Facebook and Google, home improvement companies can target home buyers who are actively looking to move and want to know more about home renovation options in their new neighborhoods.

Your paid ads are only as good as the offer you make

Offer discounts for home improvement services and home renovation materials to incentivize purchasing them from you over the competition. The average home buyer can become overwhelmed with options when it comes to home renovations, so creating ads that offer a simple solution while contrasting yourself against other remodeling businesses will help you get more of your target audience interested in your brand.

Don't make home buyers work too hard

With home improvement advertising ideas targeting home owners, it is important to keep in mind new potential customers are probably already very busy and may not have the time to spend looking at contractor ads for more than a few seconds. Your home renovation advertisement should be succinct and clear to read, while at the same time enticing new customers to view your search ads and increase traffic to your website.

Advertising is evolving and so must your brand

The home builder advertising landscape has changed greatly since the 1950s and 1960s when home builders would pay for television commercials to appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers. Now that home buyers and customers can choose from a wider variety of home improvement options, companies must be competitive when it comes to Facebook and Google ads to generate new sales. Create home improvement ads that stand out from other contractors in your area and home buyers will flock to your remodeling services, creating a new customer base for your home improvement business.

If after reading this you are still unsure of what type of marketing campaign will work best for your business, there are a great many qualified digital marketing agencies specializing in local advertising, and you would be well advised to consult with one today.

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