A Guide to Local SEO for contractors in the home service industry
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How to get more leads from your kitchen remodeling website

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As a contractor, it’s important to use an organic and sustainable digital marketing strategy to expand your local business and generate quality leads. Contractor marketing services can help you improve your company's website's search engine ranking, helping potential customers find you online when they’re looking for a contractor to hire in their local area on Google or YouTube. Contractor marketing services can also help you create and distribute engaging content that will capture the attention of potential customers and inspire them to contact you for a quote on their home improvement or restoration project. If you’re looking for ways to grow your general contracting business, consider using local SEO services to reach more potential customers in your geographic area.

Why is local SEO important for contractors?

When 97% percent of people search for local businesses online, a contractor has to make their presence felt on Google. Local Search statistics also reveal that 54% of us are making these searches at least once a month, and 12% search for a local business every day.

Getting registered on local contractor directories is one of the best ways contractor marketing services can help you rank better on Google. This is commonly referred to as citation building and is an SEO signal that Google uses in its ranking.

How do contractor digital marketing services help?

SEO contractor service helps companies improve their organic search ranking, which means more potential customers are likely to find the business when they search for a contractor in that area. By using contractor marketing services, businesses can also rank their website higher on Google for contractor-related keywords like “bathroom remodeling contractor New York” (and related contractor keywords).

Organic outreach, in conjunction with pay-per-click advertising on Google and YouTube, can be utilized by a contractor to improve video views of their instructional material, which may entice local customers who are in the research phase of the buying funnel. A contractor's brand recognition and internet presence may be enhanced using this technique.

Why SEO is the best contractor marketing strategy?

It is well known that SEO is crucial for general contractors' websites to show up when someone searches for local services. The problem with most business owners or their marketing teams is they don't have any idea what it means or how things work. By optimizing a site, page-one placement in the organic search results will improve and lead more customers towards booking an appointment with the company instead of somebody else who might be cheaper because he/she wasn’t targeted by an SEO campaign which results in higher revenue streams.

Why SEO is the best contractor marketing strategy

You can ensure that your content is reaching the right audience by using targeted keywords. You'll be able to segment consumers into groups based on their search queries and have specific messages for each one, such as a landing page promoting full home remodeling services or an individual blog post about how you help people replace old cabinets with new ones quickly without damaging walls.

Utilizing contractor SEO correctly and combining it with Google analytics you can include a call to action on your website, contact forms, and redirect phone numbers. This will help grow an audience that is hungry for what it has available online!

Manage Google Reviews for your contractor business

Google Review for a cabinet contractor

Positive and negative reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Houzz are some of the most important marketing tools you can have at your disposal to increase converting internet searches to consultation requests and design meetings. If a home remodeler has a lot of outstanding evaluations and is in high demand in his or her service area, then people looking at the search results page of Google will be more likely to call or visit his or her website.

Top 5 Strategies to appear in Google Search Results:

GBP (formerly known as Google My Business) is the first and most important factor for contractor marketing services and their contractor clients to optimize. Listing your contractor business on Google My Business takes a contractor from the search results of unqualified leads to qualified leads who are looking for contractor services in that contractor's service area.

GBP map with kitchen designers listed


Keep your NAP data up to date

contractor marketing agencies and their contractor clients need to ensure that they're using the correct name, address, and phone number (NAP) across all of their contractor business's online profiles and social media channels. If a contractor's NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) information is incorrect or missing from a contractor's Google My Business listing or other online directory and citations such as yellow pages, or yelp.com, it causes issues in Google's ability to connect the information with a singular entity and leads to search engines designation of certain authoritative websites especially as it relates to a general contractor or other home service industry provider.

Optimize Your Location web page

Local SEO strategy uses service pages and a primary location business page tied to Google my Business listing as a landing page for all local search results. The first step in optimization is to conduct keyword research for relevant keywords that prospective customers look for in a typical mobile search. Once you determine what those keywords are, they should be included in the title tag, meta description, and H1 - H3 Headings, as well as the use of relevant keywords and similar terms in the website content.

Does link building affect local search engine optimization?

The reasons why link building is so essential for local SEO and local search rankings are as follows: People who read material on one site may be driven to visit yours. Second, links are one of the most important elements considered by search engines when selecting which website to display for a given organic search result. Third, links are often endorsed by other people in the form of social media shares and recommendations.

As a geo-signal, Google pays close attention to local news publications. Link building should go beyond simply looking at comparable sites in a contractor's field; it should also focus on boosting local and community news relevant to the contractor's industry or even company. This is because, when people conduct local searches, they are frequently directed to local news sources

Does having Staged Photos on your contractor website help SEO?

Staging photos on a contractor website are becoming more widely accepted as standard practice given its impact on conversion and lead generation. A contractor considering the addition of before and after photos to his or her contractor website should consider:

  1. Large, fun, and work-related contractor images with quotes and text overlay.
  2. Clean contractor photos that do not distract from page flow - contractor images should be informational and add value to the content they are viewed with.
  3. Shots of your team when possible to illustrate the size of your contractor company, giving potential customers a sense of whether you have enough resources available to handle their project.

Do blogs show up for construction-related searches?

Blogging is a contractor marketing services strategy that is often neglected but can be used to drive qualified traffic to contractor websites and contractor service pages. Blogs can also be used to establish contractor website content and give Google more reasons to rank your contractor website in search results. A blog allows you to:

Post-community-related news and events without using contractor press release distribution services. Establish expertise by providing tips, tricks, and contractor advice that potential customers are searching for online. Make contractor website content more visible to search engines. Improve contractor website page ranking through the higher density of text on the page which boosts keyword relevance.

If you are too busy running your own company, but see the benefit of SEO, you should contact a local market SEO specialist who works in your specific niche, and one who understands contractor marketing.

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