Using a Virtual Concierge to Grow Your Business
Monday, September 19th 2022, 12:00 PM

How to Turn Your “Existing” Customers Into a Goldmine of Referrals with a Virtual Concierge agent

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Growing your business is a rewarding yet tricky goal to achieve. Whether you’re the head of a big construction company or a small kitchen remodeling business, you need to rely on others to pick up the slack and increase customer satisfaction when you have your hands full.

The best way to achieve this is with a virtual concierge who does much more than simply answering the phone. They can help home remodeling companies re-engage leads and reactivate relationships with past clients using top-of-the-line marketing resources, giving you more time to run your business.

Why Use a Virtual Concierge?

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A virtual concierge is a virtual assistant who frees you from phone calls, bookkeeping, social media management, and other menial tasks that pull you away from providing your services. However, unlike physical front-desk receptionists with a set schedule, these virtual assistants work freelance, providing part-time help during busy shifts and saving you money.

Since they work on a contractual basis, you can change or discontinue the service at any time. Also, you won’t have to waste time you should be spending with your customers training a new team member. Virtual concierges have years of experience and training with this specific set of job skills.

Encourage Past Clients to Post Google Reviews

A digital concierge is the company voice that customers hear. Not only does that mean customers reach out to them when making an appointment or asking questions, but they reach out to customers too.

Unlike cold social media and email messages that are easier to ignore, a call from a friendly team member in real-time better reaches existing customers to ask for their feedback. Alongside obtaining better insight into your customers’ experiences that’ll improve your company, ask them to leave Google reviews. Your call setter can even text past clients a link to your Google Business Profile and stay on the phone to make sure there is no techncilogical problems when leaving the review

Google reviews are vital since only 1 in 10 good experiences ends with a positive review, and it takes 40 good reviews to balance one bad one.

Work Your Database to Generate Referral Business

Receiving customer experience feedback and altering your business accordingly for consumer satisfaction also helps you generate referral business. Most people in your database are willing to refer you to a friend, family member, or colleague after a good experience—all you need to do is tap into this resource by re-engaging with them through a database reactivation campaign.

On the other hand, being unresponsive, neglecting calls, and missing out on other virtual concierge services creates dissatisfied customers who tell an average of 15 to 20 people about their negative experiences.  

Benefits of a database reactivation campaign

Follow Up with Warm Leads to Schedule Appointments

Staying in touch with warm leads means walking customers through making purchases and increasing the chance of repeat business. Almost 70% of all business stems from referrals and follow-ups, the latter showing customers that you value their business.

An experienced digital marketing agency will use database reactivation and other marketing strategies to turn inactive customers into warm leads and keep warm leads happy. If it all seems too daunting a task to take on by yourself, there are many marketing and advertising companies in the home services niche that can help connect you with a virtual concierge to reorganize your company and help get your message out to the right folks today.

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