5 Reasons Remodeling Contractors Should Use Facebook Messenger Ads
Saturday, May 1st 2021, 2:00 PM

Why Choosing the Facebook messenger targeting objective results in a high ROI

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Kitchen remodelers are always looking for new business. Kitchen Remodeling SEO, a company highly regarded for its effective ad campaigns, asks the all-important question: Why use Facebook Messenger ads?

What Does a Good Facebook Ad Do?

A good Facebook ad increases your brand awareness and sales. Successful customer acquisition starts with spreading awareness before you can close the deal.

Messenger ads are an effective but under-utilized strategy for starting conversations with potential clients. You can warm up a lead and instantly convert it with call-to-action messages. The chat platform has over 1.2 billion monthly users and you can leverage it to access users on other Facebook apps.

Speak to People Who Need Your Services Using Custom Audiences

Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly users and it tracks their likes, dislikes, and local preferences. Marketers need to target audiences accurately and set goals from the outset. This requires researching your target demographics and setting your custom audiences.

Your ad manager lets you leverage Facebook’s massive data. You can pick audiences by interest and other social media activities. Messenger marketing is beneficial because Facebook proper makes it difficult to gain organic traffic.

Why Use Facebook Messenger Ads?

1.      Access to Advanced Analytics for Every Ad

Facebook gives detailed and easy-to-use statistics for tracking your ads. You can always tell what works and what doesn’t.

We make short videos to warm up your cold, custom audiences. We then use performance analytics for retargeting ads.

2.      Access to Users on Other Facebook Platforms

When setting your Facebook Messenger ads, the ads manager lets you target users on:

  • Facebook newsfeeds
  • Instagram newsfeeds
  • Facebook stories
  • Instagram stories

This means you can convert any of the 6.3 billion users on any app that Facebook owns.

3.      Focus on Conversation: Instantly Communicate with Your Prospects

Retargeting ads on Facebook Messenger always leads to conversations. This strategy gets people while they are in a chatty mood, which is the best time to close prospects.

Every month, Facebook Messenger ads initiate 20 billion chats between businesses and users. You can enjoy instant captures by talking to new prospects and closing them. Conversations create brand awareness while boosting conversion rates. 

4.      Set Campaign Objectives

Facebook ads manager makes it easy to set objectives for your ad campaign. You can decide whether you want to spread awareness, increase engagements, or drive sales.

These objectives mean you can create effective sales funnels. Some ads go into brand awareness while others go into conversion.

The beauty of Facebook Messenger ads is that they sell right from the onset.

5.      You Can Get Personal with Your Target Audience

These ads allow you to converse with clients, and you can call prospects by their names. Everyone adores their names, and these ads take advantage of that simple psychology.

Improve Your Kitchen Remodel Marketing

Kitchen Remodeling SEO & Marketing knows how to set campaign objectives and execute them. We’ll get you the leads you need for your remodeling business when you trust us with your business ads manager. Don’t let your prospect talk to your competitors when you can do something about it.

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