Is Local SEO Still Important in 2021?
Tuesday, June 8th 2021, 6:00 PM

With all the different digital marketing choices, is SEO as important?

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Is SEO important for local home service companies in 2021? Yes! Paid advertisements can increase brand awareness, but local SEO marketing does a far better job at attracting qualified, interested prospects to your site. Plus, executing these tactics does not cost as much as paid advertising.

If you find yourself on the fence about pushing through with SEO-driven plans, keep reading. We’ll explain how location-based businesses like home or kitchen remodeling companies can benefit from aggressively marketing to prospective clients residing within their defined service area.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO Utilizes Local Leads

Local SEO marketing allows you to zero in on prospective clients and customers in your target areas — which is crucial for location-based businesses like home remodelers.

Do not neglect your local prospects. Statistics show that 76% of users who search for nearby businesses reach out for inquiries or drop by the shop. Furthermore, 28% of those visits convert.

SEO Produces Evergreen Content

The internet is a highly competitive, fast-paced space. With billions of live websites, your prospects will quickly overlook your brand unless you set yourself apart.

Fortunately, using evidence-based SEO marketing strategies, you can create informative, relevant pieces that your target market will benefit from indefinitely — otherwise known as evergreen content. Having evergreen content on your website allows you to stay relevant even with dated pieces.

On the other hand, you would have to purchase ad slots regularly if you wanted to maintain relevance through paid marketing. This strategy would quickly drain your resources. You might even have to drastically increase your conversion rate goals to get a decent return on ad spend (ROAS).

Targeting Locals Allows You to Provide Prompt Services

If you offer emergency repairs or next-day installations like many home and kitchen service providers do, you can beef up your website with local keywords. Specify your business hours, hotline, and the areas you serve. This way, clients who need urgent assistance will know that you can accommodate their service requests. Remember that most people who add locations to their search queries usually only do so if they need something done right away.

To fully utilize this benefit, we recommend integrating a 24-hour instant chat feature into your site. Otherwise, you might lose clients who do not have the means to contact you via phone or do not want to hop on a call at that moment. Make it as easy as possible for clients to connect with your team.

SEO Maximizes Your Marketing Budget

Two business partnership coworkers discussing a financial planning graph and company during a budget meeting in the office room.

Two business partnership coworkers discussing a financial planning graph and company during a budget meeting in the office room.

Is SEO important to digital marketers in 2021 despite the popularization of paid marketing? If you want to maximize your budget, then yes.

Local SEO marketing allows you to promote your home service brand in specific geographical locations for free. Create a Google My Business account, include your company details, and then boost your site with relevant keywords so your profile will appear in multiple Google SERPs.

Of course, your competitors will likely have Google My Business profiles as well. To outperform them, incorporate project photos, customer reviews, and miscellaneous business information into your profile through GMB posts. Convince Google that your business offers more value and is an overall better recommendation to interested users.

Local SEO Generates Qualified Traffic

With the rise of pay-per-click advertisements and influencer marketing, you might wonder if local SEO strategies still yield results. As mentioned above, paid advertisements do well with brand awareness. If you have sufficient funds, you can even market to a global audience.

However, brand awareness doesn’t necessarily bring you profit. Conversion does that. Even if you promote your brand all around the globe, your business will not thrive if you have poor ROAS and conversion rates.

On the other hand, local SEO marketing allows you to attract nearby clients who already require your services, thus filtering out uninterested prospects. Learn to limit your audience. Aggressively sending cold pitches to every user you encounter will not generate results. In a worst-case scenario, your business might even appear spammy.

Local Keywords Have Higher Chances of Ranking on Google SERPs

Pages ranking for SEO keywords with less competition generally have better chances of securing a top spot on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). For example, if you set your keyword to “kitchen remodeling,” your page would compete with millions of other websites trying to rank for similar phrases. Alternatively, if you used “kitchen remodeling + state and city,” you would reduce your competition to a fraction of what it originally was.

Yes, doing so would drastically cut the scope of your brand awareness. However, as a location-based business, you do not have to promote your brand to prospects residing outside your service areas.

Local SEO Marketing Allows You to Build a Good Reputation

Sign up for local directories where your customers can share their experiences working with your brand. A solid compilation of good customer reviews will guarantee prospects that you run a legitimate business providing quality, reliable services.

On that note, encourage customers to leave reviews on your site as well. Remember that customer reviews heavily influence a prospect’s decision when they’re looking at home and kitchen service providers. Homeowners only entrust their living space to reputable contractors.

Pro Tip: Small businesses with no tenure can use discounts and coupons to entice clients to post positive feedback. For example, offer a 5% discount per feedback. Consider it an investment since positive reviews can attest to the quality of your services for many years.

SEO Allows You to Appear in Organic Search Results

While Google ads appear on the topmost section of SERPs, most surfers look for organic search results when selecting home service providers to hire. About 71% of users limit themselves to the top three options on the map pack or organic search results.

Note: Brands cannot pay for slots in organic search results. This section consists solely of pages that perform well based on keyword relevance, content value, site traffic, link juice, core web vitals, and other SEO factors.

Expand Your Business and Reach New Heights with Kitchen Remodeling SEO

If you’ve tried your hand at local SEO marketing before but failed to see results, reach out to Kitchen Remodeling SEO. We can help you get ahead of competitors who are still asking themselves, “Is SEO important in 2021?”

Our knowledgeable digital marketers will create unique, custom-made strategies explicitly designed to attract your target market. We focus not just on generating traffic but on converting prospects as well.

Call us today at (339) 645-9461.

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