Google Ads should be part of any lead generation strategy
Wednesday, June 30th 2021, 1:00 AM

Learn how Google Ads can increase the quality of kitchen remodeling leads

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Kitchen remodeling is a competitive field, and relying on word of mouth is not enough to get companies the revenue they need to grow. Kitchen Remodeling SEO has worked with many remodelers and understands their unique challenges to online advertising. The company has found that the Google Ads platform (formerly Google AdWords) is an excellent source of high-quality leads and an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.

How Lead Generation Ads Work

A Google Ads campaign relies on companies bidding a certain amount of a keyword, and if they win the bid, Google puts their landing page at the top of its search results for that term. If a potential customer clicks on the lead, the business pays Google its bid amount.

Essentially, Google Ads is a rapid way of getting to the top of a Google search for a particular keyword. Having a Google Ads account allows a business to generate more qualified leads in less time and at a lower upfront cost than traditional SEO.

There are plenty of benefits to using Google or Facebook ads to generate leads, such as improved visibility, better brand awareness, and more people visiting your landing page.

Google Ads for Lead Generation Best Practices

Landing Pages Focus on Conversion Through Google Lead Form Extensions

A large part of the ROI of ads is that they generate more leads. However, because you’re paying for every click, you must have a lead conversion engine in place to take advantage of these new eyes. Simple methods include a call to action and contact details on every landing page.

Google lead form extensions are invaluable to conversions. The Google lead form extension allows interested people to provide their information in a form directly on the ad. This Google-hosted form allows you to then contact the customers and target them for further marketing efforts.

Ad extensions can add a lot of value to your ad by easing the contact and buying process. An invaluable ad extension for mobile targets is the call and message extension, while the lead form extension provides a similar experience for desktop users.

Understand Search Networks

In addition to lead form extensions, businesses, such as kitchen remodeling companies and other home improvement service providers must choose the right search network for their ad. Google Search Network and Google Display Network have two different functions.

Google Display Ads and Display campaigns run ads on a variety of internet platforms, including YouTube and news sites. Excellent for brand visibility; not so good for leads.

On the other hand, Search Network is the traditional PPC network where Google displays your ad during various keyword searches. Using the right ad formats at the right time is the key to a successful PPC campaign.

Further Information On Google Ad Campaigns

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