5 Google Ads Targeting Strategies for Home Improvement Lead Generation
Tuesday, July 20th 2021, 2:00 PM

How to use the best practices in Google Ad targeting strategies to get more leads.

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Google Ad mistakes are costly, but with the five targeting strategies that follow, it will be easier than ever before to get them as customers. The first strategy is using proper headlines and calls-to-action; the second is considering different types of ads such as location or proximity on Google Maps listings; thirdly create remarketing lists from visitors who show interest in certain products or services offered by your company.  In addition, it is important to understand your cost per lead and ad spend budget strategy and how to modify it based on your initial results. If you're wondering how to get started with Google Ads for your remodeling business and are interested in learning more about what types of ads work best for getting clients from these searches on google - then read below!

1)  Google Adword Headlines & CTA Matter

The #1 strategy to enhance your ROI with Google Ads is to build a strong headline.  Google ads are often the first impression Google searchers have of your remodeling business. It's vital to entice this Google search traffic with a powerful Google ad headline that is relevant to question, a prospect entered into the search box.  3 important things to consider when writing a Headline for Google ads is to include your Google Adwords Keyword, a benefit to the Google user, and a call to action.  In Google Ads, you want to make sure that the Google searcher is clicking on your ad because they are interested in what benefits they will receive from hiring you for their home improvement project.  For example, offering no payments for 6 months on new kitchen cabinets.  By doing this you can show Google you have Google ads targeting strategies, which Google will recognize and increase your ranking in the SERPs

Sample Google Ad for kitchen cabinet company

2) Location and Proximity Targeting with Google Maps Paid Ads

When someone searches on Google for a local service like kitchen remodeling, they are served the primary Google Ads first, but right under that is the Local 3 pack map.  What many contractors don't know is that they can advertise directly on the map listings.  This Google ads targeting strategy works great for kitchen remodeling companies that serve a local area.  You can get click-through rates as high as 3-5% if you are in the Google map listings.

To do this Google Ads targeting strategy, you first need to create Google My Business listing for your kitchen remodeling company.  Google will allow you to claim and edit your Google My Business listing when you log in to Google with your Google account credentials.  There is also a help article titled "How to update your business info on Google Maps" which is a very helpful tool if you have not created a Google My Business page before.

Once you have a Google My Business page setup, then it's time to place an ad on the map to capture those "near me" searches. Google will serve Google map listing ads to searchers who query Google with keyword phrases that are related to your Google My Business Page. The Google My Business Page includes the address of your home remodeling company, a phone number and a Google maps link.  The Google map listings that appear in the Google search results are served by Google Adwords.

For example, if you have a Google My Business page for your kitchen remodeling company that serves the local area, here is an example of what it might look like:

{ MAP }  "Home Remodelers in { Place Name }, CO. 

As you can see, the Google map listing shows how to get to your business including a phone number and a business hours link that opens Google maps in another browser tab or window.

3) Retargeting people who have visited your website or landing page

Your business marketing manager can create remarketing lists from visitors who show interest in certain products or services offered by your company. Google Adwords has a great tool for this: Google Analytics  Behavior targeting. Here's how it works.

{ The Google Analytics Behavior Targeting Tool } Google Adwords then allows you to create ad groups of people who have visited certain pages on your website or clicked on certain links in your Google My Business Page. You can place ads that show up above the organic search results and Google map listings that lead to your website. These are called "Remarketing Ads."

Here is what one Google display remarketing ad looks like: { Example Google Display Remarketing Ad }.  You can even show graphic ads to users who have visited your website using the Google Display network. Google Display ads allow you to select from a variety of Google publisher websites and Google partner sites that display your ad in a more visual format. Google display remarketing ads work really well for home improvement lead generation because Google knows where people are searching for remodeling services in Google, Google My Business listings, Google Maps, and Google Local Search.

Understanding what is your lead cost for specific remodeling services?

In order to determine the appropriate ad budget, you should know what is your average cost to acquire a new lead for each different home remodeling service.

You can set Google Adwords conversion tracking tags on your website for all different types of lead forms, so you will be able to get Google to cost per click data by lead form. [ Google promo codes and coupons ] Google also allows you to use the Google Analytics eCommerce tracking code to track leads from Google PPC campaigns and Google Shopping campaigns.

Adjusting your ad spend Budget For High Demand Times

Not only is your cost per lead important to know, but also the times during the year when people are more willing to take on a home renovation project.  During these peak times, you should consider increasing your monthly ad spend budget to generate even more home remodeling leads. Google ads are smart! Google knows what kind of searches are being made for different types of projects and will display your Google ad accordingly when people search on Google.

During the peak season, it is important to keep Google in mind and make sure that you are getting out as much lead generation exposure as possible through Google Ad campaigns or Google Analytics goals tracking!  These strategies will help you get new business !!!

We’ve talked a lot about how Google Adwords can help your business with increased ROI and more sales, but it is important to remember that you need a strategy for setting up your ads. This means understanding what budget you have for advertising as well as the different types of ad formats available on Google (display, retargeting, etc.). If this sounds like too much work or if you want professional advice in order to make sure your marketing efforts are effective and not wasteful, get in touch with us today. Our team will be happy to provide you with an audit of your current Google Ads campaign—free of charge!

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