Why Remodeling Companies Need Exclusive Qualified Home Improvement Leads
Monday, July 26th 2021, 8:55 AM

How do you find people who want their homes improved.

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Imagine the thrill of getting exclusive qualified home improvement leads that are all ready to start a relationship with your remodeling business and buy what you have for sale. Now imagine how much easier it would be when these potential customers want exactly what you're selling, cutting out expensive marketing channels like Home Advisor's lead resellers. Imagine even further: using an Exclusive Qualified Home Improvement Lead System to get those high-quality hot prospects in front of your company.  Lead generation is the key to success in a competitive field, but where do you find people who are actually interested? Exclusive qualified home improvement leads might be your answer.

Exclusive Qualified Home Improvement Leads Give You Quality Hot Prospects.

Home Advisor and other lead sources that many home improvement companies use to send the same leads to you as they do to your competitors. Even worse, there is the very little vetting of these types of shared leads you to pay hundreds even thousands of dollars a month, and are unable to close. If you are relying on exclusive home remodeling qualified leads, then your conversion rate will be much higher and you will have a much more efficient marketing program.

What Are Exclusive Home Improvement Leads?

Exclusive Home Improvement Leads are exclusive to you which means they cannot be sold or shared with other companies. With exclusive leads, the system determines if the lead is a quality fit for your company based on information provided such as geolocation, zip code, age demographics, and other categories that may be important in determining whether this person is going to close with your company or another company.

The more leads you have, the better your chances of getting a sale

Exclusive home improvement leads are the key to growth. Lead resellers like Home Advisor puts advertisers in a bidding frenzy for exclusive home improvement leads – similar to how eBay works, except HF sells exclusive Home Improvement Leads instead of vintage action figures! Frequent updates and regional and national targeting maximizes your chances of getting quality exclusive home improvement leads that turn into remodeling or renovation sales.

The exclusive nature of Google Ads, Local SEO and “near me searches” and Facebook ads lend themselves to local businesses seeking exclusive leads, and when a business is not competing with others for the same lead, the chances of closing that lead are much greater! The exclusive home improvement leads you can get through digital marketing will help you make more money and establish your local remodeling company as a force to be reckoned with.

Exclusive Remodeling leads are easier to close

When you get an exclusive home improvement lead, it is easy to contact them with a quote and then schedule an appointment for a consultation. In fact, exclusive home improvement leads are much easier to close than leads you have to compete for. This is because the exclusive lead has already expressed interest in working with you.

Exclusive home improvement leads can increase your bottom line

Not only do exclusive home improvement leads help you close more deals, but they also help you make more money from each client! When exclusive remodeling leads come to see what kind of work you can do for them, they tend to be a little more confident about their decision when they choose your business over someone else’s. That means that once exclusive remodeling clients fall in love with the finished product, they are usually much happier about paying for it too! You end up spending less time trying to get paid.

Where can I find Home Improvement leads?

So, you’ve decided that you don’t want to share leads and race your competitors to the phone and then undercut your prices just to get a small job. You want exclusive home improvement leads. That’s great, but where to you start?

Exclusive qualified home remodeling leads

Exclusive Home Improvement Leads also have other exclusive options.

These exclusive options include allowing you to insert your own pictures and branding elements within the lead capture form. However, the most important feature of exclusive leads is because they are exclusive to your home remodeling company, when a prospect fills out your exclusive lead capture form with their information, it will be immediately sent directly to you via email or text alert depending on how customers would like to be alerted from within the exclusive home improvement leads system. An exclusive qualified home improvement lead is assigned only one contractor at a time as opposed to a non-exclusive lead generating system which assigns up to 5 contractors maximum per lead. With exclusive qualified home improvement leads the customer gets higher quality service from only working with one remodeling contractor.

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