Why Exclusive Home Remodeling Leads Are Better Than Shared Leads
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Private Kitchen Remodeling Leads Work the Best

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In the home remodeling business, you'll see two main types of leads: exclusive leads and shared leads. While shared leads can be an enormous potential source of income, they're inherently unreliable by nature. As a new business, how can you expect to draw qualified leads away from well-reviewed industry competitors, who have been successful much longer than you have?

Fortunately, there's an alternative to expensive and unreliable shared leads: the exclusive home remodeling leads that you attract yourself. In this post, we'll walk you through the process of building up your home improvement business or kitchen remodeling company and reeling in these exclusive leads.

How Do I Get Leads for Home Improvement?

For home improvement businesses, attracting quality leads is far from a walk in the park. The goal is to build up your business name until qualified prospects can find it on their own. Unlike when you bid on shared leads from companies like Home Advisor and Angie's List, it'll be up to you or your marketing agency to generate interest in your own business.

The leads that you generate this way will be fewer in number at first. However, these new leads will bring in better jobs and clients, too. The following is a list of several things that the average home improvement contractor can do to make their services more visible to prospective customers:

  • Update your website and web pages: Always make sure your own websites are completely up-to-date with your current services, contact information, customer reviews, success stories, and more.
  • Work with Google and social media: Google contains a wealth of information for local organizations. Your Google My Business and Google Maps listings are some of the most important, as these will help local customers find you. Still, you should also utilize Facebook, YouTube, and other social media pages to interact with potential clients one-on-one.
  • Take advantage of marketing: Google Ads and Facebook Ads are robust and flexible tools that help you spread the word about your home services. However, don't forget that a digital marketing company like Kitchen Remodeling SEO can help you automate your marketing, rank better on search engines, and streamline your service options.

Why You Should Avoid Shared Leads

Shared leads can indeed be powerful and valuable. However, that doesn't mean that these new leads will result in customers, especially if the job market in your area is particularly competitive.

Closing on a shared lead is not easy. In almost every case, you'll be competing with other contractors and companies in the local area to see who can offer the best deal.

For example, if you answer the phone slower than another contractor, you could lose the job. If you don't have as many positive Facebook and Google reviews as other contractors, you could lose the job. Of course, if other contractors can do the job for less, then your prospects will be much lower.

Add that to the fact that you may need to bid on jobs from shared lead generators, and it can be much harder to reach the same level of sales as you would from exclusive home improvement leads. The bottom line is that your money-making potential from exclusive jobs is much higher than the money-making potential from shared leads.

Can a Contractor Get More Leads With Google?

Google can be an incredibly helpful tool for contractors nationwide. If you haven't been making the most of what Google has to offer, now is the time to begin! As mentioned above, Google has two main branches for you to utilize: Google Ads and Google My Business.

Your Google My Business page is one of the main ways for customers to find you through searches, whether through the Google search engine or Google Maps. While it's important, it's more of a set-it-and-forget-it page. You should update your Google My Business page whenever your company's information changes, and incorporate special offers and newsworthy events, but otherwise, it'll attract exclusive home improvement leads on its own.

You can run ad campaigns through Google as well. This is a great way to generate exclusive home improvement leads for your team. However, creating these ad campaigns is neither easy nor fast, so it pays to have an experienced digital marketing team in your back pocket to conduct your campaigns for you.

Is Facebook Good for Home Remodeling Leads?

Facebook can be just as useful for generating exclusive home service leads as Google. Facebook has almost three billion monthly active users as of 2021. That's a virtually untapped market for anyone not using Facebook to advertise their services.

Facebook is also an incredible place to obtain quality reviews for your organization. As any business owner knows, reviews can make or break your lead generation. Exclusive contractor leads can be much more difficult to obtain without strong testimonials to back you up.

When advertising on Facebook, follow the example set by other successful agencies in your area. Few other platforms allow you to interact one-on-one with your audience the way that Facebook does. While generating leads through Facebook is very different from generating them through Google or shared lead platforms, it can pay off in a big way if you do it right.

Niche Marketing Agencies: The Alternative To Home Advisor

Shared lead generators can indeed be a great way to build interest in your business. However, that doesn't mean they're your only option or even the best option. For example, niche agencies such as Kitchen Remodeling SEO specialize in getting your message out there and generating exclusive leads just for you.

Working exclusively to bring in kitchen remodeling leads and home improvement leads. Since we only do digital marketing for kitchen and home remodeling organizations, we offer a level of excellence that many others can't beat.

We can confidently say that our agency can return higher margins, more sales, and better performance than any shared lead generator can ever hope to reach. If you're ready to tap into more exclusive home remodeling leads than ever before, call Kitchen Remodeling SEO at 339-645-9461 today.

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