Kitchen Contractor Tips to Get Exclusive Kitchen Remodeling Leads
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How to generate kitchen remodeling leads with digital marketing

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Kitchen remodeling is one of the top projects for home improvement companies to take on. It's something that people do periodically, usually by choice, not because they need kitchen repairs which means it will be difficult for you to find kitchen remodeling leads through general advertising channels like a home advisor or houz.

This makes kitchen remodeling leads much harder to come by than general advertising. Exclusive kitchen and bath remodeling leads are often generated from YouTube videos, Near me searches on Google, referrals, and other sources which make them even harder to find! The good news is there are agencies that specialize and work exclusively with kitchen remodeling contractors and kitchen designers.

There's nothing like a newly renovated kitchen. And if you're looking for qualified homeowners who want new cabinets or other renovations, it is important to generate your own exclusive leads. There are several digital marketing strategies that can allow you to compete with the big sites that sell shared leads, but without the need to compete on price because 5 of your direct competitors receive the same lead.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies

Every kitchen remodeling contractor wants the same thing... more kitchen remodeling leads. Exclusive kitchen and bath remodeling leads are often generated from YouTube videos, Facebook and Instagram ads engagement, Google Ads, and Google Map searches, and email/text marketing automation. These leads are for specific services, such as cabinet refacing and kitchen renovation work which make them easier to qualify.

Video Marketing With YouTube & Facebook

Top kitchen remodeling contractors have videos on their home page and profile, as well as targeted YouTube videos that showcase kitchen renovations. These can take many forms including renovation highlights, walk-throughs, or informational news features highlighting kitchen updates.  Sometimes kitchen contractor websites are ranked well simply by creating good video content and stacking their YouTube videos in their blog posts.  Additionally, a home improvement company should be sharing kitchen-related content across all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to gain organic reach within these networks.

Google Ads For Proactive Prospects

Google Maps is the number one local search engine in the world with 2 billion searches per month! By strategically placing kitchen remodeling keywords in your Google ads you'll be able to appear for specific kitchen-related searches across shopping, restaurant and lodging categories.  By using kitchen contractor-specific ads you'll be able to gain kitchen remodeling leads.

Google Map Optimization

Adding keywords and phrases to your business name, description and categories is a good way to rank high on Google Maps and increase kitchen remodeling leads. A kitchen remodeling company should also optimize its NAP (name, address, and phone number) across all directories. Further optimizing a Google my Business (GMB) listing by listing your local service areas, geo-tagging your before and after photos and embedding those images into GMB posts can go a long way to helping you increase your position in local searches on Google Maps.

Facebook Video Ads - A Game Changer

Facebook offers the unique ability to laser target your ads to people based on their online history and behavior. Because kitchen remodeling is such a visual art form, Facebook ads are a great way to leverage before and after photos, slide shows, and even customer testimonials while they are walking through their newly renovated homes. The key is being able to create custom audiences, and knowing your past clients, and using them to create what is called a look-a-like audience.

Email Marketing & Text Messaging

This is the kitchen contractor's bread and butter. By staying in touch with your kitchen remodeling leads you'll be able to continue to build rapport, get referrals and develop kitchen remodeling contracts. By creating an automated kitchen remodeling campaign you'll be able to nurture kitchen remodeling leads into kitchen renovation clients. Over time kitchen contractors can track their kitchen contractors' campaigns performance with things like open rates, click-through rates, and response rates to better understand how they are doing day-to-day.

Why Exclusive Home Improvement Leads?

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy Will Improve the Quality of Remodeling Leads

In order to generate exclusive kitchen remodeling leads, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes leveraging digital media. From YouTube and Instagram videos to Google ads promoting your service locally by geographic region, GMB optimization and social targeting laser-focused on the right audience for your business, They can help you create an integrated campaign with all of these tools at your disposal. A niche agency, like Kitchen Remodeling SEO, also works with you to implement email and text automation so that once someone is in contact with you they don’t have any reason not to book their appointment or purchase from your company! 

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