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Monday, October 18th 2021, 1:00 PM

Chefs talk about what they want in a kitchen renovation

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The kitchen remodeling industry is a competitive one with contractors vying for the attention of homeowners. To set themselves apart, some contractors use high-end appliances as a focal point in their designs, just what many discerning people want. The resulting kitchens give off an attractive and luxurious vibe. One famous chef recently discussed his views on these commercial-grade cooking devices by saying they provide not only gourmet food but are also typically made out of better materials than those offered by bargain brands.  Renowned Chef, Andrew Forlines discussed how complex and luxury appliances complement a kitchen remodeling project and why many interior designers consider these high-end appliances as part of their overall kitchen design strategy.

A Chef's Take On Kitchen Remodeling & Luxury Kitchen Appliances

Chef Forlines also discussed how new technology such as a convection oven that also has a steam generator is increasing in popularity.  These combo ovens can inject steam into the oven cavity, and you can control the humidity level. He went on to state, “all of this technology migrates in premium side and then trickles down and so we’re starting to see it all really take hold in the mid-market tier appliance brands. So, a lot of people can harness this technology regardless of the brand they go with… Steam ovens are really fantastic because they allow dry heat plus humidity control. So, it gives you the most control and precision that you could have with food.”

With the advent of the Food Network, home maker-over shows and others, so many people these days want to transform their kitchens into something special. This is where the marriage of a great kitchen designer and someone very knowledgeable with complex kitchen appliances can really make the difference. 

Chef Forlines also talked about a few other kitchen technologies. In particular, he encouraged kitchen remodelers to look at induction stoves, over the classic electric or gas. He went on to say induction made the old electric top stove obsolete. They are more sustainable because they are electric-powered, which potentially could be from renewable sources, but it is going to be much more powerful than electric coil top or radiant heat because they use a magnetic generator to interact with the metal itself. Inductions are fantastic for their heat, and heat conversion efficiency.

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Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling & Its Opportunities

It is a great time to be in the outdoor kitchen market because we're seeing more high-powered burners that can produce BTUs outdoors. Not only does this eliminate ventilation issues but also a restriction on heat output - homeowners love it! Plus, there is integration with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which provides convenience for people who want information from anywhere inside their house while cooking confidently using these powerful gas grills or smokers often without needing an electrician involved at all.

Kitchen remodeling allows you to update the functionality of your kitchen

Renovating a kitchen allows you to update and change its layout to fit your needs better, or just give it a fresh new look. A good way to minimize cost while still getting the design you want is by working with a knowledgeable appliance representative. The representative can help manage and advise you through the entire process so that you get exactly what you want at a fair price.

Kitchen design companies have been able to maximize their profits while also reducing the actual cost charged to homeowners by including luxury appliances in the price of their remodeling services. This is usually more cost-effective than having an appliance salesperson come to your home and give you estimates based on all the options available. The sales representative may not know about any special features or designs that would work better for your kitchen or accommodate its layout. A good representative knows exactly what luxury appliances are compatible with almost all layouts, including ones with unusual dimensions like islands, angled walls, nooks, crannies.

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