A Kitchen Contractor Marketing Agency Does More Than Just Generate Leads
Monday, March 7th 2022, 4:40 PM

Which professional contractor marketing services get the best results?

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Contractor marketing is not an easy task. It requires more than just word of mouth and referrals from happy past customers, which have been the traditional methods for kitchen remodelers and home service businesses to grow their company in past decades. Today, with search engines and social media sites at your disposal, a business owner can simply consult a professional expert who understands how to employ this digital marketing in order to improve brand recognition among potential local consumers and clients on a regular basis.

Contractor marketing agencies provide their clients with a wide range of services that go beyond lead generation. Getting your internet marketing right can accelerate your branding development and awareness to help contractors get more visibility online and reach more new customers in your service area. Contractors may devote their time and efforts to what they do best - remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and home renovation projects, while digital marketing companies focuses brand development, in addition to generate qualified leads.

Digital Marketing is More Than Lead Generation

A contractor marketing agency can also help you to create a website, design and manage your social media profiles, write social media posts, articles and blog posts about your company, develop advertising campaigns, and more. In short, they can do everything possible to help you increase your search impressions and visibility online and reach more potential customers.


Branding Development Is Key

Many business owners overlook brand development and only concern themselves with how many new customers they generate. A comprehensive online marketing approach requires developing a local business brand before implementing any other digital marketing strategy.

Google looks for companies that promote their community

A contractor marketing company can assist you in raising brand recognition, which will help a local firm convert more of its leads into clients since they are seen as a more trustworthy business in the community. Google knows this and for this reason gives higher priority to local companies that publish local news in the SERPs. Consequently, contractor marketing agencies are experts at helping companies with all facets of their digital marketing, including branding and customer acquisition. You should strongly consider using their local SEO services and PPC through management of your PPC budget and marketing spend if you want to see your business grow in today's digital age.

Getting found locally in search engine results

Local customers are ready to buy from you. Local search statistics show that 54% of homeowners look for local businesses at least once a month, and 12% do so every day. Providing the most suitable website for your local services is essential when it comes to local SEO as a digital marketing channel.

How To Get Found With Google Local Listings

Local seo involves ranking local listings in the map area of search engine results. For this reason, search engine optimization is one of the most common online marketing services an SEO company will offer.

Using contractor marketing to rank a kitchen remodeler

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Many contractor marketers like to leverage existing customers, through the use of written or video testimonials, which can be a very powerful tool to build trust. A contracting business may also have lots of before and after photos they have taken over the years, and these can be used in both social media marketing and web development to tell the story of the company on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

Marketing is more than lead generation

A full service digital agency can help you cultivate a relationship with your potential customers with a well thought out lead nurturing campaign. It's not enough to simply generate leads, but rather an advertising company focuses on converting business leads into sales.

After generating the lead, advertising experts will employ several marketing techniques, including email marketing automation and developing trust in the contractor firm by reaching out to its intended audience. Coordinating a contractor email marketing campaign with a digital ad agency may help you create more leads, website visits, and phone calls from your contractors.

The contractor marketing services provided by an advertising company should not be underestimated. It's critical to partner with an experienced and reputable contractor marketing agency that can provide you with the necessary tools to reach your target audience and provide support to grow your business and land new customers.

Consult with a trusted digital agency in your niche

When looking for a contractor marketing agency to help with your local marketing efforts, be sure to ask about their experience in your specific industry using local search. Not all contractor marketing agencies have experience working with a local business in every industry, so it's important to find one that understands your unique needs, such as an agency that works exclusively with kitchen remodelers or one that works in the construction industry.

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